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April 10, 2016
Cheating Husband in Thailand – Thailand PI
May 18, 2016


Hello Man! Again!

Case details:
Probable scenario: Cheating Thai "girlfriend."
Client: 41 year old male, from the USA.
Target: 23 year old Thai female. LadyBoy (Tranny)
Investigator: G. Bannister

Client Request:

Client requested a standard Thailand Girlfriend Investigation

Time to solve: 4 days.


Case log: (all names changed to protect privacy)

The subject of the investigation was a 22 year old Thai girl. Or so he thought. The investigation revealed that she was a Thai Lady Boy. She was working at a restaurant and living in Phuket, alone. They spent only 6 days together in Phuket, with her staying at his hotel. After a few days she told him that she was in love with him so they continued the relationship after he returned to the USA. He was sending her 40,000 baht a month and paying her apartment. He bought he a new motorbike and also sent money for her to join an English school. They were together for approximately 10 months at the time he contacted us for help.

Phone turned off, battery dead, phone off from 1:00 am to 6:00 am Thai time. She was complaining about not having enough money and that she needed more. The client was suspicious after he saw pictures of her on a Thai dating website that were very recent. She used a different name.


This case was solved by following the girl around for a period of 5 days. I started the investigation at her apartment. From the first sighting I could see the reality of the situation. It was a lady boy! Yes, another Tranny. Many foreign men (Farang) get involved with Thai Lady Boys without knowing. They are usually newcomers to Thailand and don't get it. As a Thailand Private Investigator we see this happen very often. Apparently, the client was unaware of this. He didn't send any photos of her in the initial inquiry, but described her in great detail. His description was large breasts, very tall, very long straight hair, a butterfly tattoo on her left shoulder, rose on her right shoulder, and a big beautiful smile. Another small butterfly tattoo was on her left foot. Upon closer review I was able to confirm that it was her... him? At this point it wasn't clear if this Tranny had the surgery yet. I could find that out later by further observation.

As a Thailand Private Detective I have had my share of cases involving Lady Boys and some of the stories are almost too weird to be real. So, it seemed to me that he didn't know it was a Tranny! Another one who got himself into something he may have wished he didn't. Or did he? So, I called him on the phone immediately to confirm whether or not he knew that she was a Tranny. His response was kind of a surprise and he seemed unaffected. He said it didn't matter and he didn't really care. He said he kind of had the feeling that she might be a Tranny and that he loved her anyway. So, it wasn't a big deal. He said that he never actually had intercourse with her when he was in Phuket. She had only performed oral sex on him saying she was on her period when he was in Thailand. So, he asked me to continue the investigation to see what she was up to and if anything was out of order.

As an experienced Thailand Private Detective we know that most cases involving Lady Boys are going to turn out bad for the client. Well, unfortunately for him, she was working at a Lady Boy bar. Cocktails & Dreams on Bangla road. Located in Phuket's notorious red light district. I cruised by the bar several times and she (he) was working outside trying to coax customers into the bar. It was a very easy case to solve. Unlike most other cases that can require lots of surveillance, this one was in a prime location. I spent the next three nights observing and gathering evidence. On several occasions I took photos and noted arrival and departure times. On the third evening she left the bar with a customer. She accompanied him to his hotel and left the hotel approximately 90 minutes after her arrival. A "short time" as we call it here. I took photos of her arrival and entrance to the hotel holding hands with the customer. I also took photos of her exit from the hotel 90 minutes later. This was conclusive enough for the client. He thanked me for a job well done. A month later I did a case for a friend of his. As a Thailand Private Investigator, quality of service comes above all else. We receive plenty of referral business because we do a professional job.

As a Thailand Private Detective I have had my share of cases involving Lady Boys and some of the stories are almost too weird to be real. In general, Trannies are a weird bunch here in Thailand. Most of them work in the sex industry in Thailand. Many of them are just plain wackos. Wound up on a combination of hormones, drugs, alcohol. Some act totally psychotic, or so it seems. With so much chemical reaction going on inside their minds and bodies, I often wonder how they manage. Yet, it is their choice to live as they please. The highest concentrations are in Pattaya and Phuket. According to what I see on a daily basis a lot of men like them. The majority of newcomers to Thailand have never encountered a Tranny. When they do, they may not know it is actually a man. Some figure it out in a minute and some may take days, months, or years.

This client had no idea that his dream girl used to be a man. In the first couple of days of the case I wasn't sure myself. The reason was because this Tranny was done up so good that she did in fact look like a real woman. It wasn't until the 3rd day into the case I discovered the truth. On that day I was instructed by the client to try and make contact with her. The objective was to see if she would engage in sexual contact with another man for money. It was at that time I discovered the truth. Upon close observation that I made the discovery. Because of the skill of the work done I wasn't yet 100% convinced. So, I had to use my 100% foolproof tool. The laugh test. This requires using a lot of humor until you can get them to laugh. Once the laughing becomes hysterical, the male voice will reveal itself. It is something I have used time and time again. A belly laugh releases the true voice. At that moment I could confirm 100% that this was a Tranny. I then said, you must be the most beautiful Lady Boy I have ever seen in Thailand. She replied, Thank you very much.

Case closed.



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