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Go-Going, Go-Going… Gone! 2
March 2, 2017
Pattaya Private Investigator | Pattaya Private Investigator.Com
April 17, 2017
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Go-Going... Go-Going... Gone!

Case details:
Probable scenario: Cheating Thai girlfriend.
Client: 24 year old male, US Navy - Living in America.
Target: 19 year old Thai female allegedly living up country with Mom.
Investigator: D. Moore

Client Request:

Client stated his girlfriend was supposed to be at home with Mom up country in a North East province of Thailand. He stated that he had suspicions she was lying about where she was and asked us to help.

Time to solve: Two days.

Thailand Private Eye - Private Detectives Pattaya

Case log: (all names changed to protect privacy)

The client asked us to investigate his 19 year old girlfriend who he said was supposedly living at home. He said he had met her in a go go bar in Pattaya and shortly afterwards, she told him she loved him and said she would quit the bar for good. He was sending her 20,000 baht a month. He had already been up country to meet the family on a previous trip to Thailand so in his mind everything was all good, she was behaving herself and he had believed her story until some suspicious activities started taking place.

Phone turned off, battery dead, phone got wet, another man's voice in the background, phone off from 2:00 AM - 5:00 AM and back on after that, money being sent is not enough, loud music in the background when she is supposed to be up country at home, other girls ("cousins") answering her phone and making excuses for her.


I used the "rich farang in town" approach, a common tactic used on many cases involving Bar Girls. It took me two days to locate her by the use of a mobile number supplied by the client. The first call to the number was answered by "Puk", a 23 year old cousin of "Nee". Although I knew she had never talked to me before, she acted as if she knew who I was (because there are so many guys they can't keep track). The conversation turned into a drink invitation and then I met "Puk" at Super Baby go go bar in Pattaya where she worked as a dancer. At the meeting, I asked, "What ever happened to your cousin Nee? Is she still around?" The answer... she was at work at a bar just down the road (Living Dolls). I hung around with Puk for a while and then told her I had jet lag and was going back to my hotel to get some sleep.

After I left Super Baby I went to Living Dolls and with the photos I had of her in my mobile phone was able to positively identify the target. She was there working, dancing on the stage topless in one of the shows. This girl was a stunner! An absolutely amazingly beautiful girl with beautiful skin, long, silky jet black hair that flowed through the air as she whipped her head around in circles to Hell's Bells. Her beautiful hair, penetrating black eyes, and devilish smile were all part of her incredibly well polished act... a true professional in every sense of the word.

I watched her do her thing for a while and then made some eye contact and asked the Mamasan to invite her to sit with me and offered her a drink for her trouble. When Nee eventually wandered over with her snobby nose up in the air attitude, she made it clear she was not really interested in me and that it would be a drinks only affair. However, I know better. This is Thailand and as an experience Thailand Private Investigator I know that means that everything is on the table, you just have to know what cards to play and how to play them, and when to play them. After doing enough investigations in Bangkok and Pattaya you can see everything for what it really is. Nee was the favorite pet of the owner of the bar, an Australian guy with about 40 extra pounds of burden under his belt and about 35 years of drinking on his face. He was lining her up with tequila shots as well as two of the other top drawer girls in the bar. After a while she came back over to my table and eventually milked me for 2 more shots of tequila, three lady drinks and one beer (that she gave to one of her friends. She also asked me to buy drinks for one of her other friends and of course I did. This is the "Cheap Charley" test that all bar girls run on potential customers to find out if you are tight with the money, or someone who is a potential target. After an hour and a half of watching her run her game on several customers and racking up her bar totals I offered her an invitation to pay her bar fine and then a trip to my hotel for sex at 2500 baht for a short time. She said no, I'm not go with man. This is of course their choice but I know that every single one of them has their price, or a trigger point that will make them warm up to you if you can dig it out of them somehow.

So, I opted to use one of my most successful ploys that I like to call "The Wad". The wad is a big fat roll of cash I carry and flash at the Mamasans or drink servers when I pay the bill. It looks like a huge roll of 1000 baht notes, but what it really is - is a wad of plain paper with a few 1000 baht notes wrapped around it, but it does the job well and is very effective in getting the attention of those who think they are not interested in you. The drink server saw the cash and ran over to the Mamasan who then walked right over to Nee and started talking to her and after about 30 seconds, this girl who had just shot me down cold was crawling over the top of my table and into my lap and nearly stuck her tongue down my throat and said... "I go with you, okay? I want to boom boom you really good!" I said "Not so fast, just a minute ago you said you weren't interested in me and now you want to go with me? Why?" I changed my mind she said, but I knew exactly why she was ready to go... The cash wad! So I said, "Okay, but now I'll only give you 1500 baht since you shot me down before, and with that came a big smile followed up with another tongue lashing and "2000 baht, Okay?"

We left the bar about 30 minutes later and headed straight back to my hotel with only a short stop at 7-11. I got her gear off straight away and then took a couple of shots of her naked in my hotel room with my mobile phone camera (all with the permission of the client beforehand). She didn't mind at all and in fact, she was into it and posed for me. As soon as I put down the mobile she was on me, fast and aggressive. Fortunately for me, a prearranged phone call came in just in the nick of time from another Investigator and I explained to her that a friend called saying he had an accident and needed my help and I had to rush out (allowing me to avoid having sex with her). Yes, that is right, to escape. After you do this for a while you realize just how undesirable these bar girls really are. She said "no problem" and I gave her the 2000 baht anyway. She was really happy about that and gave me another big kiss and told me that the next time I came back she would do me for free! She gave me her mobile number and said to call her the next day and that she would take good care of me and that she wanted to stay with me every day for as long as I was in Thailand. Then she left as I appeared to be rushing off to go and help my friend.

The evidence was clear and complete and the client was shocked to know the truth about his little sweetheart. He said he never thought he would need the services of a Thailand Private Investigator but that he was glad he chose Thailand Private Eye and was more than satisfied with the result and evidence he received. The next day at about 4;30 pm I saw her with another guy in Big C shopping center. She had left my hotel that night and it was obvious she went right straight back to the go-go bar and pulled another guy, and there you have it. Just another day in the scene.

Case closed.



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