Pattaya private investigator case files


Pattaya private investigator case files. In this post, I’m going to discuss the typical infidelity cases we handle, including a couple of case files. Many Thailand private detective stories are infidelity cases involving  Thai Bar Girls and foreign men (westerner). We get a lot of cases like this. It is quite clear that most foreign men do not understand the Thai way of thinking. Nor do they know anything about the culture. This is 90% of the problem.

Privacy and discretion is paramount of course. It is the first thing a prospective client asks us when they make their initial inquiry. Is my information confidential and private? The answer is always, yes! We understand that clients want a discrete Thailand private investigator working on their case. We understand this. Private client information is never disclosed to a 3rd party. For instance, selling email addresses or other personal information. We guarantee your privacy. So, you rest assured that your privacy is safe with us. Check our privacy policy page for more information.

“I’ve seen honest faces before. They usually come attached to liars.”

Case Results

There are 3 different kinds of results in my book. A good result, a bad result, and an “I didn’t have enough time” result. That usually happens when a case period ends and the client doesn’t want to continue. This is usually due to financial reasons. Given the required time, I can always solve a case.

Pattaya private investigator case files

Pattaya private investigator case files.

We have handled hundreds and hundreds of case since 2001. Clients ask what percentage of cases get solved. The answer is 98%. That other 2% that don’t get solved is due to the fact we didn’t have the required time needed to solve the case. Again, this is usually because the client has financial concerns. But, given the time needed, I always resolve every case I work on. One way or the other. Most cases take 1-2 weeks in general. Some cases take much longer. This depends on the circumstances at the time the investigation starts.

Experienced pros

The longest case I worked personally, lasted 3 1/2 months. I was able to get the required evidence on the 4th day of the last week. On that day another man showed up at the house my client had bought for his Thai girlfriend. It turned out this other man (German) was also a financial contributor in buying the house. Neither man knew about the other. In the end, she was exposed as a two-timer and that was the end of the game. The client had the money and the time to get the result. He said he just knew something was wrong. He was correct. Here is an example of a typical case result.

Thai Girlfriend Investigation:

Case details:

Probable scenario: Cheating Thai fiancé
Client: 32 year old male, US Contractor working in the UAE.
Target: 24 year old Thai female “good girl” working at a legitimate job (verified).

Case log:

The client asked us to investigate his 24 year old Thai fiancé who he said was supposedly living at home with Mom in Pattaya. The client said he had met her at her job, soon after she told him she loved him and then they got engaged. He was sending her 25,000 baht a month, paying for school and a car for her parents. He had already been to meet the family and bought the ring for her and the marriage was not far off in the future. She was employed as a property sales girl for a new condo project in Jomtien, Pattaya.

Suspicions: Her phone was always turned off, battery dead, another man’s voice in the background. Her phone was off from 3:00 AM – 6:00 AM and back on after. The money being sent was insufficient, according to her. The client caught her kissing another guy in the past but let it go.

This case was solved by following the girl only. No contact was made with her at any time. I picked up her trail at her work. She worked for a contracting company in Pattaya dealing with new property sales. She had a new company car to drive around in. The unique color and model of the car made and its red license plate made it easy to spot. I followed her from work and she went to a photo lab, then to a super market and then to a hotel. I found that to be odd knowing she was supposed to be living with her Mother in a house I had already checked out.

Pattaya private investigator case files

Pattaya private investigator case files.

Secret Rendezvous

She was inside the hotel for about 45 minutes and then she came back out to get in her car. But something was different. She was no longer wearing her work uniform, but had changed into a nice flower dress and high heel shoes. I thought this was rather odd until about one minute later a well dressed guy walked out of the hotel and got into her car. It was on. I followed them to a Chinese restaurant, watched them have dinner and while they were eating there was a lot of hand holding, touching and a few kisses. This was clearly another guy being taken for the same ride as the client. I took several high quality photos and a few short video clips.

I followed them back to the car after dinner and then they went to a place to play some billiards and drink. In this place they were much more intimate, holding hands, kissing, and etc. The client called as I was standing next to them in the billiard club and I told him the story. I was right there describing it to him like a play by play basketball game announcer. He tried to call her at that time and I watched as she looked at the mobile, and then turned it off. I noticed an engagement ring on her finger. She was engaged to this guy also. Only a speculation, but probably a fact. After a few minutes, the client called again.


I described them and what they were wearing and how the were acting being only a few feet away from me. Next, I told him that when he called, she took out the phone, looked at it and turned it off. I also described the ring which he said was not his. He was angry, demanding to talk to her. Of course, I could not do that as this would blow my cover and blow the lid off the whole thing. I calmed the guy down and then told him to just keep a calm head and hit her with it all later when he was here a few days later.

Shortly thereafter, they returned to the hotel and she never emerged from the hotel until the next morning, with the lucky guy of course. Needless to say, they did not sit up all night talking about the weather. I tailed them the next day as well, but it was clear she was doing the same thing to him as she was the client. Eventually, he will probably find out too. This went on for another four days as I gathered evidence. After four days the client asked me to stop the investigation. That was more than enough evidence to satisfy him.

He thanked me as he now knew what the truth was. He told me he would be sending me lots of business. Which he did. Another satisfied client.

Case closed.

Pattaya private investigator case files

The stories vary here and there, but there is a common thread in most infidelity cases. That thread is the general misunderstanding of Thai culture and the Thai way. This is why so many foreign men have so many problems with their Thai girlfriends. They don’t understand what they are getting into. So, it makes for some difficult situations. Here is a common scenario of a typical start to one of these relationships.

A guy from Sweden just landed in Bangkok. It’s hot as hell and he needs something cold to drink. Hmm, a cold beer might be nice. The first thing you notice walking along the streets of Pattaya is all the bars. They are full of hot young Thai girls too. So, he pulls up a chair at one of the bars and instantly becomes a celebrity. Then, one of the bar girls comes over and joins him. Soft skin, dark eyes, long jet black hair, hot little body. He gets sucked in and now the ride really starts. He has fallen instantly in love.

She’s a young, fun, and a beautiful girl, who reluctantly came to town from a farming village in Thailand’s rural northeastern region. She’s just as blown on him as he is on her. She is with him just as much as he is with her. They both fall instantly in love. But, she works at a go-go bar. Now, of course, she has only been there for two months. She doesn’t really want to be there but has no choice. But she has problems. Papa needs an operation, for instance. The family buffalo broke a leg and can’t plough the fields. So, he wants to help out. Most Thailand Private Investigator Stories have a similar theme.

Case descriptions

Most Thailand private investigator stories fall into 4 general categories.

  1. Thai bar girls. A bar girl turned girlfriend.
  2. Pattaya freelance prostitutes, Internet dating sites.
  3. Mainstream Thai women with foreigner boyfriends, or husbands.
  4. Foreign women whose husbands are going to Thailand.

I will address each situation here.

Thai bar girls

Thai bar girls and Pattaya freelance prostitutes are the most common cases we handle. This can sometimes include Internet dating scams, which are common (more below). Pattaya bar girls and Pattaya freelance prostitutes are everywhere in Thailand. But Pattaya is known as “Disneyland for men” and with good reason. It almost looks like a theme park with the multitude of colorfully lighted bars that line the streets. Working inside these bars are many prostitutes, of course.

In Thailand these type of women are not likely to land a good Thai man. If you talk to local Thai men, they will tell you that the dark skinned, skinny, wide smile bar girls that most Farangs go for, are what they would call hillbillies. They are way down the list for most Thai men who prefer the light skinned women from the Northeast regions. Those women are not available for most Farangs.

Instead, they get the bottom of the barrel as local Thais call it. Those ugly hillbilly girls, how could any Farang fall for them, they say. But they do. Hundreds of thousand of them every year. We see them everywhere we go, hand-in-hand.

Thai dating sites

The second is foreign men who met Thai women on Internet dating sites. And finally, Thai freelance prostitutes. use well known Thailand dating sites to look for targets. Most men are over the age of 50. They don’t understand who they are dealing with. A lot of scammers use these sites to trick foreigners into sending them money. Many foreign men fall for this trap.

Mainstream Thai women

Mainstream Thai women (the least problematic) are much better of course. Those with real jobs and college education, for instance. These are the least problematic, but we often find they have a Thai husband or boyfriend. The foreign man doesn’t know about it, but suspects it. So, they call us to ask us for a Thailand private investigator who can help them. The most common cases we get involve foreign men and Thai bar girls.

The last is foreign men involved with mainstream Thai women. Those with real jobs and college education, for instance. These are the least problematic, but we often find they have a Thai husband or boyfriend. The foreign man doesn’t know about it, but suspects it. So, they call us to ask us for a Thailand private investigator who can help them.

Get peace of mind

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